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Barista Spotlight: Shayleigh Adams

Meet Shay, our May employee of the month! Shay joined us in October of 2022 at our downtown location and was quickly promoted to a cafe manager. She played a huge part in our downtown kitchen remodel and we can't thank her enough for the long nights that she worked to put the store back together so that you could all enjoy your favorite cup of coffee as soon as possible.

Her favorite part of working at The Press is figuring out what our customers like and helping them discover their new favorites. When she's not brewing up delicious drinks, her downtime hobbies include reading and discussing books, listening to music, and playing her guitar.

So, what's Shay's Choice this month? A vanilla caramel cold brew with oat milk. A classic favorite that uses our staple ingredients so it can be enjoyed year round.

Congrats once again, Shay! Find her at both The Press at Laketown Wharf and The Press in Downtown PC and give her a high-five for her well-deserve achievement! 🎊🥳

Shay's Choice: Vanilla Caramel Cold Brew w/ Oat Milk


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