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Barista Spotlight: Michaela Hewitt

We would like to congratulate one of our newest employees and rising star, Michaela, on her newly acquired status of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!! She began as a barista here at The Press on August 8th and was recently promoted to Floor Manager. She can be seen slinging coffee at both of our locations. ⁠

Michaela's Choice drink of the month is a fun one so strap in...⁠

A Triple Shot Shaken Espresso with Vanilla Cold Foam and Caramel Drizzle! Not for the caffeine-sensitive. 😉 It's definitely a mouth full so feel free to just call it Michaela's Choice. ⁠

Her favorite thing to do at work? "[to] brighten people's days by making delicious drinks for them. 🤍🤍"⁠

When she's not at work, she loves hitting up the beach, reading, and enjoying nature! Michaela has come to us from Superior, Wisconsin and says she has fallen in love with all that this area has to offer, especially all of the sunshine. ☀️⁠

Be sure to give her a big "CONGRATULATIONS!" next time you see her! ⁠

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