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Barista Spotlight: Maddie

Join us as we celebrate our January Employee of the Month — Madie! ⭐️

Madie’s work ethic and upbeat attitude are unmatched, and this is why it’s her second time earning the Employee of the Month title! She will also soon step into the role as cafe manager, and we know she will be successful!

While she’s at work, Madie’s favorite thing to do is practice her latte art. She also enjoys making the new sandwiches.

Outside of work, Madie spends her time taking care of her puppy, Arlo, and her beloved plants. She also enjoys hanging out with her coworkers and friends.

Madie’s drink of choice is a Cold Brew with Toasted Marshmallow and Macadamia Nut syrup, topped off with a splash of oat milk. It’s the perfect iced coffee drink, even in the winter!

Next time you’re in, be sure to tell Madie congratulations! 🎉


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