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Barista Spotlight: Grace

Join us in congratulating our newest Employee of the Month - Grace! 🎉

Grace joined The Press team last summer, and her work ethic and determination were evident right away. She never misses a beat - when she’s not cranking out perfect drinks on the front bar, she’s finding something to clean or organize around the shop. Her favorite part of the job is the time she gets to spend with her coworkers. She also enjoys creating and trying new drink recipes, preferably ones with lots of caffeine - which is why we call her the Caffeine Queen! 👑

Outside of work, Grace is a huge bookworm. On her days off, you’ll find her at home with her nose in a new book, probably cuddling with one of her six cats.

Grace’s drink of choice is her latest creation: The Reese’s Puff Cold Brew - mocha and macadamia nut cold brew with a splash of oat milk, topped with peanut butter cold foam and chocolate drizzle. Grace’s Choice tastes like a decadent dessert but has plenty of caffeine to keep you going throughout the day - the best of both worlds!

Stop by this month to try Grace’s Choice and congratulate her! 🎉


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