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Barista Spotlight: Gavin

Let’s give a round of applause for Gavin, our November employee of the month!

Gavin started at The Press back in July and has quickly become an irreplaceable member of our team with his positive attitude and stellar customer service. One thing to know about Gavin: he’s the ultimate people person. His favorite part of the job is interacting with customers and making his coworkers laugh with his silly antics. Plus, he holds the prestigious title of our stickiest employee - he’s always covered in syrup!

Outside of work, Gavin unleashes his creativity through music. Whether he’s strumming his beloved guitar, Leviticus, or singing with his church’s worship band, his passion for music shines bright.

Gavin’s drink of choice is a Moonpie Hot Cocoa - an indulgent hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow flavor, topped with whipped cream, crushed graham cracker sprinkles and a mini MoonPie garnish. Stop by The Press this month to congratulate Gavin and try his new creation!


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