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Barista Spotlight: Emily Greene

We're thrilled to be celebrating one of our most dependable, kind, and dedicated baristas of Laketown Wharf location this month - Emily!

Emily has been with us since August of 2022 and has been a rockstar since day 1. She loves making charcuterie boards (thank goodness someone does! 😅) and offering drink recommendations to customers. When she's at work, you can always expect her to be cracking giggle-inducing jokes with her her coworkers.

Off the clock, she loves spending her time knitting, doing her nails, and baking! Emily is an incredible baker who makes phenomenal cakes that she shares with the staff and we love her even more for that. 😉

Emily's Choice drink is a honey cinnamon cold brew with a splash of half and half - yum! Try it out this month and get it all year round.

Stop by and wish her all the best only at The Press at Laketown Wharf! Congrats, Emily!

Emily's Choice:

Honey Cinnamon Cold Brew with Half and Half


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