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Barista Spotlight: Madie Borstel

Let's give a big round of applause for our incredible café caretaker, Madie! 👏👏 She is an absolute pro when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and you'll often find her effortlessly ticking off our extensive deep-cleaning tasks. Joining our team in January, Madie quickly grasped the ins and outs of her role, leaving us in awe. Her favorite thing to do at work is make connections with her coworkers and get to know them. Outside of The Press, according to Madie, half of her personality is plants. 🌱

If you'd like to extend a congratulations to her, she can be found most often at our downtown café. Oh, and Madie's Choice? It's a toasted marshmallow shaken espresso with oat milk and topped with whipped cream! Yum!

Madie's Choice: Toasted Marshmallow Shaken Espresso w/ Oat Milk and Whipped Cream

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